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Yo, where’d you get your license, from Walmart? The Practice of Driver’s Etiquette

July 29, 2010

Traffic is everywhere this summer! I believe driver etiquette, if followed, could eliminate road rage as well as a lot of the accidents. There is of course the law, but more than that, there is simple etiquette that all drivers (young and old) need to follow. There once was a time when drivers had a mutual respect for the other drivers on the road regardless if it was a motorcycle, truck, car or even scooters. We not only had a mutual respect for one another, we also followed the unwritten rules of the road, i.e. driver etiquette.

Here are some examples:
1. Keep Right Except to Pass
. If conditions warrant, all drivers should travel in the right or center lanes except when passing another vehicle. Nothing upsets a fellow driver more than when three cars are riding side by side down 95 doing the same exact speed. That left lane should only be used for passing or when making a left turn. If you’re driving the same speed as the car next to you, then move over.

2. Don’t Tailgate. We all know the law says not to tailgate but we are all guilty of it now and then. We tailgate because of people who don’t keep to the right. But there are also those who are in a hurry. If you are in a hurry then maybe you should leave a few minutes earlier. Tailgating is not only illegal but it is a major cause of road rage. Respect the driver in front of you.

3. Motorcycles. We always hear that drivers in cars need to look out for motorcycle riders. I agree, but I also agree that they also have the responsibility to look out for us. A lot of motorcyclists insist on weaving in and out of traffic.
4. Let The Guy In. So what he should wait his turn.  A kind gesture deserves one in return.
5. Acknowledgement. A thank you gesture when someone lets you in is a good thing too.
6. Use Your Signals. Give plenty of notice that you plan to turn.
7. One More Time. No Texting While Driving
Follow the unwritten etiquette rules and both you and the driver next to you will have a newfound respect for each other. Being polite on the road is just as important as having good table manners. How you act will affect the people around you and driving etiquette will also affect how you go through your day. Being nice to people is proven to make you feel better and boost morale, so it`s a good way to start the day off right.
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