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Protocol Int’l celebrates National Etiquette Week, May 10-14.

May 10, 2010

Begin by remembering what your mother told you

This is the week we are meant to recognize courtesy, civility, good manners, diplomacy and kindness as the way people around the country are called to act.

May 10–14. National Etiquette Week is the national recognition of etiquette and protocol in all areas of American life—business, social, dining, travel, technology, wedding and international protocol. The week will raise awareness of all people to act with courtesy, civility, kindness and manners as well as rally people to act with good manners in their everyday lives. Annually, the work week beginning with the second Monday in May, National Etiquette week celebrating its 13th anniversary is meant to be a self-assessment on the current status of civility in the United States. This week is a valuable opportunity for businesses, friends, parents, teachers, social and business organizations to raise awareness of the many opportunities there are to demonstrate your etiquette acumen in our everyday lives.

Civility produces a chain reaction. When you speak kindly, think positively, and act thoughtfully, others will respond in like manner. It is up to each of us to restore civility, and kindness with simple acts of good manners and common courtesy that is too often uncommon.

I am sure it won’t be lost on anyone reading this that National Etiquette week follows Mother’s Day!  It is the fundamentals of my mom’s ‘home training’ that keeps recurring as I continue in my journey and training as a certified protocol and etiquette consultant.  The expensive courses on diplomacy, and formal dining, the libraries of reading and training on networking, and protocol, and the studying of  trends and history on etiquette and protocol all began with what my mother, Grandmothers,  mentor Aunts (blood and not), told me.   Of course since their loving counsel, protocol and etiquette have become more complex, particularly in business as our world becomes increasingly more global and multicultural whether you travel internationally or just stroll in your neighborhood.  These days we have to consider culture, proxemics, branding, gender, situation appropriateness, policies on gifting and dressing, language, technology, business development and business strategies as it relates to not just etiquette but also protocol.

In honor of both Mother’s Day and National Etiquette Week, let’s just consider the basics in this week’s Protocol Int’l Polished Professional Newsletter list with…”remember what your mother told you”!

Here’s what I was told.  I’d like you to please add what your Mother and other mentors told you!

  • Remember to say” please” and “thank you”,  “Excuse me”, “Your welcome”, “May I”.
  • It is impolite to walk into a room without greeting everyone
  • “Don’t eat with your mouth full” “Keep your elbows off the table” “Sit up straight”
  • Don’t over stay your welcome. Know when it is time to come home
  • “Neither borrow nor lend something you can’t replace nor can’t afford to lose including friendship”
  • “You can’t wear it, play with it or use it until you send a thank you card”
  • “Look at me when I am talking to you”
  • “Watch your tone” “Use your indoor voice indoors”
  • “Remember who you represent when you are out”
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Be sure to RSVP
  • Dress like someone loves you
  • Always help people younger and older than you
  • Have some respect, grace and shame
  • Treat others as you would have them treat you

Our Mother’s advice can still serve us well if we remember that it is important.  When you consider how important it was and is get your recurring training and a more formal adaption.  Please share this communication and use it as a tool to remind, educate and promote National Etiquette Week this week and protocol and etiquette every week.  Use this Newsletter as a jumping off tool for encouraging courtesy and civility in your offices, businesses, community and homes. Use Protocol International if you need training in this area. We can customize workshops and coaching based on your unique needs.

Also please share with us via Facebook, email or our blog things your mother told you that I missed or tips our mothers shared.  Let me hear from you.

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