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It's all about business success

May 9, 2010

Corporate Etiquette, Professional Etiquette, Business Etiquette
It’s all about business success

For any business to be a success, business etiquette is essential. It oils the machinery of business and keeps relationships running smoothly. It can be disarming. 
More than few observers insist they have witnessed its practical demonstration. For instance, a Healthcare-based company struck the right cord recently in a “Dress to Impress” Workshop as a part of its Professional Development series.  This workshop was a strategic way to communicate company expectations to its associates, and enhance their professional image.  It turned out to be a great retention tool.
The goal of the workshop was to have each participant see that it was not about the dress policy as much as their personal policy and brand.  What does your attire say about you and your company?

Another example of business success through professional etiquette training is the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce who had complaints about customer service among some member companies.  The “Hug your Customers” Protocol workshop was an extra added member benefit and business owners invited their employees to participate in this workshop that showed them how customers felt and what customers said about the treatment they received or did not receive from the results of a Protocol survey.  The business owners are raving about the difference etiquette training has made in their employees and in their businesses.  The workshop exposed employees to the rudiments of basic courtesy in business, and practical business etiquette to use in building and maintaining relationships with customers and co-workers or subordinates, as well as with individuals who have disabilities.
Business etiquette is defined as the conduct or procedures that are generally acceptable in the workplace; a set of unspoken expectations people meet or find when they meet with you. Protocol Int’l training and consultations stress that when you do not use manners and common courtesies when dealing with people, it shows lack of consideration and professionalism.

The Benefit of Protocol International 

Etiquette, protocol and professionalism go hand-in-hand. Knowing people’s names, knowing
what to wear on ‘dress down’ day in the office, knowing what humor is appropriate with co-workers or customers, handling a person that comes on too strong, knowing how to entertain a client over a meal, knowing how to conduct oneself at meetings, knowing how important your role is to the company’s bottom line. 
If you do not use the expected common courtesies in business, people will start to pass judgments about you and your business that can be damaging. How? Employees will feel unappreciated and may become cynical and distrustful; you wouldn’t be trusted by your managers, employees and peers, customers may even feel slighted or make constant complaints, and you may be left out of committees, meetings, or social functions.
Some commentaries will help to explain these. For example, in an office where superiors are fond of calling junior staff foul names or use abusive languages whenever they feel like it, it may not bring out the best in the staff but is even worse when it concerns customers.
Protocol training has the benefit of increasing self-awareness, taking ownership, expecting the best, and communication. It also encourages continuous learning, formation of alliances and strengthening relationship with the company executives by aligning with their values, goals, image and vision, and being solution-focused when relating with them.
The sales and marketing department of a financial firm conducts the Protocol “First Impression” workshop quarterly and stresses how much that first impression matters. It explained that everything you do and say not only affect you, but the organization as well, and went on to recommend that you make your first word count; be positive, use the person’s name, and send a thanks message. More importantly, it pointed out that you can sabotage a good first impression with careless language, lazy expressions, gum chewing, throat clearing, and inappropriate touching.

A Protocol Workshop will help you and your associates become conscientious of what you need to work on. Below are these workshops that we provide to companies:
– First Impression
– The Art of Finessing the Business Meal
– Business Meeting Protocol
– The Power of Networking
– Dress to Impress
– Office Protocols

You can also custom design the workshop you want.
If you respond to this email and schedule a workshop by July 30th, 2010, you will get a $100 discount!
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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