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“May I Present To You” The Top 7 Protocols for Introducing Others

April 1, 2010

     Business introductions mean more than exchanging names. It means enhancing your professional image and that of others at the same time.  It means building relationships as you build your brand.  Offering proper introductions is a great way to expand your territory and that of your associates, your business and your company.  To make an introduction properly, it takes practice, keen observation, and knowledge of seniority. The purpose of an introduction is to give people the opportunity to get to know one another.

     Being the introducer is a powerful position.  It is an opportunity to set the foundation of the relationship of the people you are introducing.  Done successfully, you demonstrate your professional acumen by extending the thoughtful gesture of making an introduction. 

Seven Protocols of Introduction
Listed below are helpful tips on how power networkers extend a kind greeting and broaden their sphere of influence.  Remember these protocols for introductions.

The standard rule of business introductions is to consider rank and status.  Although everybody is important, always say the higher ranking person’s name first, but introduce the person with less rank and status to the person with the most seniority.
Protocol Assessment Question
If you were introducing your client to your assistant, who would you introduce first? 

In business, gender is neutral.
Protocol Assessment Question
How would you introduce your husband to your Sr. Vice President who is a woman? 
Always introduce people by saying their title and full name first, and then follow with a brief, interesting or relevant piece of information about the people you are introducing. 
Protocol Assessment Question
How would you introduce two golfers to each other?
The word “present” is preferable on formal occasions.
Protocol Assessment Question
What would be the correct words to use in informal introductions?
Do not, in introducing one person to another, call one of them “my friend.” 
Protocol Assessment Question
Why do you think this would be inappropriate introduction?

Do not repeat “Mrs. Jones? Mrs. Smith! Mrs. Smith? Mrs. Jones!” 
Protocol Assessment Question
Do you think this introduction is enough?

Stand up when you are being introduced to someone when they are standing.
Protocol Assessment Question
Why do you think this is an appropriate practice in introductions?

     The most important thing to remember about introducing people is to Do It! Even if you forgot someone’s name, blanked out on the protocol, got confused about who out ranks who, introducing people is one of the most important acts in business life.
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