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Celebrating Women's History Month… Women's Etiquette Stats from The Polished Professional

March 18, 2010

In honor of Women’s history month we have decided to share some etiquette statistics about the average woman.
Just a little reminder that our manners are always under a microscope. Heads up to you too gentlemen!

Percentage of women who believe that proper etiquette helps you get ahead.

Percentage of women who would call themselves polite.
At Formal Events-where most are on their best behavior.

Percentage who have been rude to a stranger.
Most common reason – “because the other person was rude first.”

Percentage of women who swear in public.

Percentage of women who get annoyed when someone cuts in line.

Percentage who have done it themselves.

Top three female faux pas that disgust the average woman:
1- Loud gum chewing
2- Gossiping
3- Applying makeup in public

I realize readers of Protocol’s Polished Professional Newsletter are above average so to assist others please pass this along and tell them

“To play the game you must know the rules.  
To win you must know Protocol”.

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