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Gift Giving in the Workplace

February 19, 2010

If this should be a part of your 2010 stratagem you must be of the attitude to pay attention to the details

When your clients mention a book, favorite desert, traveling or a hobby, take note and write it down.  When the time comes to select a gift, you will appreciate having this information at your fingertips.  Even the smallest gift or gesture will have an enormous impact, because ‘you remembered.’

You or your company may have an occasion where a gift is needed:  an executive’s birthday, an associate’s promotion, congratulations on a successful deal, a thank you gift for newly received business or a job well done.  There are many reasons to offer a gift to a client, associate, or colleague.

Here are several of my favorite options regarding gift giving:  

A box of stationery with matching envelopes
Be sure the paper stock is of high quality.  You may opt for stationary engraved with the person’s name or initial for an extra special touch.  Cranes is a great place to shop because of its reputation for quality and its brand for excellence.  

An impressive writing instrument
The Paradise Pen Co. is a great place to shop. They can give you a great education on Ballpoint vs. Roller Ball vs. Gel Ink.  If you stop into the store at the Short Hills Mall, say hello to Michael and Joseph for me.  The service is outstanding, they will spend countless minutes with you deciding on your nib size and have you hooked on fountain pens for life. 

A beautifully bound Dictionary and/or Thesaurus
It’s true picture say a thousand words, but the words that describe the, can be found.  This is a great gift for someone who has a passion for writing, an insatablt appetite for reading, or even someon who loves to do the crossword puzzles in their spare time  

A standing World Globe that is geographically current or ancient depending upon taste
This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to travel or has an appreciation for exploration and ancient and distant lands.. Imagine them planning there next getaway all thanks to you.  

A year’s subscription to a relevant magazine or periodical
The New York Times for someone moving to New York, The Wall Street Journal for those in finance, A Fine Arts Magazine for an art connoisseur or The Robb Report for the someone that just got that big raise or promotion. (Of course you will need to have gotten one too!)

Books are always in good taste
Art for a collector/artist or Travel Guide Books on destinations for a traveler, 

No not for college, but a tuition or instruction fee for a gourmet cooking class or wine tasting seminar.  You will be surprised how far this thoughtful gift will be well received and forever remembered.

These are just a few suggestions of many that can prove to be beneficial to you, and your overall business.  Keep in mind the company and client protocol for receiving gifts, packaging, delivery, announcements, notifications, and other details of perfecting the art of gift giving. 

Consider using the Protocol service to consult on a gift giving strategy that matches your budget and enhances your professional image and business prior to implementation.  If this subject interests you, please email us at:

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