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Test Your Staffs Skills

February 13, 2010

Training in Professional Etiquette and Protocol is one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. Why? Because so many of today’s workers have so few of these skill sets. Fact is, where exactly do you learn these crucial skills? In High School, College, Grad School. or by making mistakes? Even then how formal and complete will your exposure be?

Something else to consider, do you know if your employees need a review or some basic training? Have you tested this theory and their interaction with your clients.

We really want you to take the time to think about the way your associates conduct business and interact with clients. People with these skills, or lack thereof will add to your brand or take away. Do you know which it is?

Look for these tell tale signs to determine if your associates could enhance their protocol and etiquette acumen. 
Have you read their written communications?
Are messages to your clients and prospects unedited? Rude or abrupt (unintentionally or intentionally).  Poorly written, grammar errors, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure?
Have you observed them in business and social situations?
Do they know how to introduce people to one another? Are they at ease with small talk?  Do they know how to seat people at a table? Do they network effectively with prospects or go to events you paid for and hang with people they already work with. 
Have you shared a meal with them?

Are they uncomfortable while entertaining your clients over a meal? Do they know when to discuss business and when not to?  Do they know how to order? What to order?
Have you sat in on a meeting or a sales call?
Are the meetings structured or undisciplined?  Overly long, or inefficient? Carelessly conducted and run?
Have you designed Protocols and guidelines in and for your business?
Do they know what is expected of them?  Have you told the how best to represent you?


If the answers to the above questions are not positive, you should positively consider the some of the following Protocol Programs, to assist with your staff trainings.
Customer Experience Program
We will have your customer’s experience and report back to you the results.
Business Meeting Protocol Workshop
Training from both viewpoints as the host of the meeting and as the participant
Finessing the Business Meal
A hands-on experience on everything from choosing the restaurant to paying the bill plus tip
Sales Call Strategy Workshop
The top 10 steps of a sales call
The Art and Science of Networking
An interactive workshop on both the beauty and the strategy in networking
Techno Etiquette Workshop
What is appropriate- cell and tele phones, texting, email, conference calls, speaker phones, etc. 
Design your Office Protocols
We will assist you and your staff with guidelines on how you want to operate-sales calls, business meetings, corporate dress policy, “how to be” in common areas, how to meet and greet clients, etc.
Training in these skills should not be limited to executives and managers.  Everyone in your company is integral to building your brand and should be properly trained.  Many  companies have been sabotaged by the behavior of an employee who didn’t know any better.  Having good protocol skills and professional etiquette means acting with others in mind, understanding the politics of rank and status, knowing how to handle oneself with ease, getting along with people and earning their trust.  If your employees are deficient in these areas, consider arranging a Protocol Workshop for them.  It will be good for your staff and great for your company’s bottom line.  


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