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‘Tis the Season for Gratitude… A Thanksgiving Thank You Message

November 24, 2009

This week more than any other we embrace the notion of being thankful.

But instead of restricting our thanks to one day when we are standing over a tableful of steaming, scrumptious food, we should think about extending the concept to all of our interpersonal relationships. Starting this week, think about committing to making a habit of thanking the people you encounter everyday for the little things they do for you.  It’s amazing how much people appreciate being acknowledged for their acts of kindness.

Studies have shown that when someone says “Thank you,” it creates a chain reaction of kindness that in turn promotes a cycle of gratitude (remember the movie “Pay It Forward?”). It should not be a mystery that so many philosophers include gratitude as a valuable state of well-being.

Imagine the positive effect we could each have if we made showing our appreciation a part of our daily practices. I have learned that a meaningful gesture of thanks really does make a huge difference, not only in the life of the person you are thanking but also in your own life. This lesson came to me early on by way of my first teacher, my mother, who would not let me use a gift until I had sent the thank you card. What a great lesson, Mom!

Here are a few tips on the best ways to show gratitude…

• Say it: Thank someone today—an employee, a peer, your clients, even your boss. In fact, thank someone every day. See if you can express one heartfelt thank you every day for the next month.  After 30 days, it will be a habit!

• Write it: Thank you notes are making a comeback! Since you plan to do this often, have a stationery wardrobe.  High quality paper and customized, matching envelopes are a good start. For a unique customized set of note cards, call Lauren Jones at 646-239-0660.

• Send it: Virtual gratitude is second to a handwritten note, but better than doing nothing. Use good judgment or take one of our workshops on this topic to know when you can and when it’s inappropriate to choose an email over a handwritten note.

Give it: Praise, acknowledging someone in public for a job well done or for a good deed, demonstrates to others what is rewarded.  Consider awarding certificates for the employee of the month at a company gratitude event.

Tip: a monetary gesture of appreciation, for the mailman, the doorman, UPS & Fedex driver, the maitre ‘d in a restaurant you frequent, etc.

Buy it: Make sure it’s an appropriate gift, but be careful—some companies have policies and protocols associated with giving and receiving gifts.  For perfect business gifts, consider the Paradise Pen Co., Godiva Chocolate, Red Envelope, Tiffany’s or Protocol, Inc’s Gift Program.

These actions build relationships, improve energy, develop stronger teams, and increase productivity.  Those are all things to be grateful for!

On a personal note: We here at Protocol Inc. would like to thank the loyal readers of our Polished Professional Newsletter.  We appreciate your feedback; we appreciate you subscribing to the newsletter; we appreciate you passing it to your friends and associates.  Thank you!  I’d also like to take this time to thank my team for all they do to help us build our company. Thank you!  And most importantly, thank you to all of our clients for recognizing the importance of using Protocol and Etiquette as a business strategy. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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