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The Oxymoron of “Business Casual”

September 30, 2009
Professional Woman
Is business ever casual? When you are trying to advance the ladder of success your image has to remain consistent and professional at all times.

When putting together casual outfits for the office please follow these 7 essential guidelines:



1. If you have worn this outfit to a party, a nightclub, the gym, the beach or to run errands on your day off it is probably inappropriate for business casual.

2. If parts of your body peak out; for example low rise & ripped jeans, belly shirts and cleavage—save this for extracurricular activities.

3. Neatly pressed casual clothes that are modest and tailored to fit are business appropriate for the polished professional.

4. Dark denims, khakis, shirts and t-shirts without logos, dresses and skirts that are not too revealing are examples of clothes that get you noticed for success.

5. Think twice when wearing sport shoes. Shoes should be clean and in good condition, preferably matching the style of your casual business attire. Consider loafers or flats.

6. If your usual attire is a suit then one rule to follow is to take off the jacket and pair separates with a sweater, casual blouse or quality t-shirt.

7. Hair and make up should never be left to day off casualness.

Remember your professional advancement is never casual!

By. Guest Columnist Michele Harper

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