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Six Visual Characteristics of a Polished Professional

September 16, 2009

When it comes to professionalism and style, Michelle Harper is an expert without equal. Protocol, Inc.’s Polished Professional is excited to welcome Michelle as our featured contributor to the Protocol Inc. blog. Michelle knows how to revamp and prioritize what’s in your closet in order to create an image of professionalism and style.  

Please make her feel welcome and make sure you share your thoughts on the blog and on Facebook.

Dressed To Impress

Dressed To Impress

Six Visual Characteristics of a Polished Professional
By. Guest Columnist: Michele Harper

Have you ever looked at a person commuting to work and wondered what that person does for a living? Image is a very important part of qualifying, maintaining and advancing up the professional ladder. Everyone knows how to get dressed for work but some people know how to dress for professional advancement and success. Here are six visual cues that polished professionals possess.

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Fit: Clothes are properly proportioned to the wearer. Not too tight or too big is the right fit. The lengths are size appropriate and flattering.

Color: Colors are complimentary and harmonious to the wearer. You see the person first not the colors or patterns.

Style: The style is simple and not dated. It does not represent a fad or decade.

Quality: Clothes are well made, seams are straight and fabric is of a natural origin. Wool, cotton and silk are examples of what to look for.

Cleanliness: Clothes are well pressed, shoes are polished and hair and nails are well groomed.

Confidence: Posture is upright and they move with a purposeful gait. No pulling or tugging away at their attire. These people have a wardrobe system and know that they look great ready to face the challenges of the workplace.

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