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Handle Your Business….Card

August 25, 2009

Business Card      Think of it as a delicate and fragile mirror.  It is a reflection of you and your business.  Business cards should be given and received with a formality that is often overlooked by most Americans but not lost on Global business women and men.  Your business card serves many purposes… They help people to remember you and your business, they are a quick way to size up your role, rank and status within an organization, they are great connectors for someone who may want to contact you again, they serve as a great ice breaker, an enter to ask open ended questions of someone you just met. 

     The list is extensive and strategic and you can get the complete list in the “Art of Working a Room Workshop” – (shameless plug) Consider hosting a workshop for your company, your friends, or your organization.  In the meantime here are 5 Business Card Protocol and Etiquette Tips


1.   Keep business cards intact- a great business accessory is a business card case to keep cards neat and clean- lipstick and nail polish can do a number on business cards at the bottom of a purse, no different for men when they get tattered in wallets with notes on the back

2.  Stash your cards everywhere- this ensures that you will always have them available great spots like the car, the drawer by the door, on top of your desk, make sure you spouse or significant other always has some too

3.   Accepting Business cards, always look at the card, read it, comment or ask a question before shoving it in your pocket

4.   Have a system for filing cards including a follow-up strategy.  What if you need to call that electrician you met last month.  Where is that card?

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