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The Demand for Etiquette

August 11, 2009

Good manners and etiquette used to be passed down like good silverware. But today, learning the right way to behave is increasingly rare.  In the old days, when our lifestyles had clear boundaries, dining with the family was a nightly ritual, and showing deference to those senior to you was a given- the rules of protocol and etiquette were, though unwritten, understood by everyone.

If you ask 5 people today what etiquette and/or protocol is, you will get 5 different answers.  Some may say something about the table setting and others will say good manners and then some others may discuss how to remember names.  Protocol and etiquette is more than just which fork to use and how to make a perfect introduction.

Webster defines etiquette as “the system of conventional forms required by good breeding or to be observed in official or social life. Protocol is described by Webster as a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence (as in diplomatic exchange and in the military services) Wikipedia’s  description of etiquette is “one’s decorum, a code that governs the expectations of social behavior, according to the contemporary conventional norm within a society, social class, or group. Etiquette usually reflects formulas of conduct in which society or traditions have invested”.

There is no reason to take a call in a mtg.THE LACK OF ETIQUETTE
If you have ever interacted with someone who lacks protocol savvy and etiquette skills- someone who eats in your ear on the phone, or asks inappropriate questions, or talks on the phone during your dinner meeting or a subordinate who doesn’t understand how and when to stand down -you understand how important etiquette training is. Violating protocol or etiquette and committing a faux pas, especially if severe, can cause public disgrace, a loss of business, and hurt feelings
People make quick judgments based on the way someone behaves.  These impressions are tough if not impossible to change. An understanding of the rules of protocol and etiquette will help people make the right impression the first time

Invite Protocol, Inc. and its team of protocol and etiquette experts to conduct an interactive workshop on TechnoEtiquette for your members, your organization, your company, your university or your family.  This training and other Protocol, Inc. workshops and consultations will give you an extra edge over your competitors and enhance your marketability and business acumen. 

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